Painting, Gardening, Snakes – Oh My!

Posted By on Jun 20, 2011

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t post something that was only partially finished. If we continue at this rate, however, you might never hear from us again. I’d love to say I was exaggerating, but today it feels like the truth.

There is a reason why Mother Nature is considered a force. Some days, to struggle against her in a bid to make one’s surroundings orderly, well, it just seems futile. I give. She wins.

And yet, I must be a masochist (or so slavish to The Man’s commands), because every day that time permits I am back outside in an area that might loosely be defined as a lawn.

Until very recently, I had been laboriously (and periodically happily) creating a garden on the south-west side of Crowder House. Below left is a picture of the house as we found it – to the right, our burgeoning garden.

I write the above in the past tense because I found myself no longer alone in the flower bed. A garter snake frequents the area and regularly scares the bejeezus out of me. The worst part about it is, after I have fled the encounter screaming, I can no longer find where the black and yellow slithering beast has moved – and the process repeats itself.

I am my mother’s daughter.

Thus, today when I was attempting to dump the rest of Scotts Nature Scapes Sierra Red Mulch (we found it at TSC for $4 a bag on sale) in a bid to outsmart the weeds – I encountered the snake, panicked and called it a day. All is not lost, though dear readers, as I am at last updating you.

The Man has also been busy – albeit with far less shrieking involved. He has been systematically cleaning, priming and painting the Shack to make it slight-less, well, shack-like. Below left is a picture of the Shack as we first encountered it – crime-scene tape and all. To the right is The Man’s work in progress.

In addition to the aforementioned work, we also have a couple of other flower beds in the works and a garden that produces grass most spectacularly.