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Posted By on Mar 19, 2012

I’ll spare you the usual of how busy it is around Crowder House. Surely by now, Dear Readers, if this blog is silent you’ve come to understand we’re up to other things.

Spring has apparently arrived early in Spencerville. In our meanderings and laundry hangings yesterday we noticed many flowers already in bloom. These little purple ones were out along with some buttercups in the grass. The daffodils were well sprouted too.

I recall some oddly warm March Breaks as a child, but usually they were followed by further winter flashbacks. Yesterday’s weather reached 23 degrees celsius though. While that isn’t the hottest it’s ever been (26.5 in 1946), it still had people talking.

Beyond early springs, there have been few changes at Crowder House. One, however, was featured in a new column I’m writing for Sun Media.

With the War of 1812 Bicentennial, The Man and I have accumulated a sizeable Regency wardrobe. As you know, Crowder House has very few closets.

So The Man created Re-enactment Corner on the landing upstairs. He put up an antique peg hanger I had picked up at the Carp Road Flea Market. I moved the bookshelves into the guest room and took out the beautiful dresser he’d bought me from Gendron Antiques just after we moved to Crowder House.

In pairing down our Regency garb to only the finest, we were able to hide most of it in the dresser, hanging the clothes and staging the boots and shoes to make the space look like a little historic boudoir.

It’s a cute little space reminiscent of a museum. Below is a picture of The Man as featured in Sun Media:


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  1. The purple flower is nice in fresh; The re-peg hanger is nice in length; The Man is nice in all sizes…wish you nice time in Crowder for comming spring

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