The Mensch and the Mole

Posted By on Feb 19, 2012

This past Wednesday as I was rushing out the door to Kingston, there was an awful scratching sound inside a wall near the pet food. It was so loud and desperate that I let the poor cat and dog wait for The Man to awaken and tempt fate by opening the storage space and sticking his hand in.

And let’s face it, even Samson was having none of it when the adjoining closet door was unlocked so that he might end the horrid scratches.

It should come as no surprise that a smell soon followed and increased in intensity just as it had our first winter here and a rodent had decided to demise in the office.

In a house with few doors this is an intolerable situation. The sweet and sickening stink of rot is enough to turn anyone’s stomach. And this time it was in the kitchen.

As we returned home from another visit to the local Legion, the smell hit us like a punch to the gut. Something must be done.

Now, people talk about odor eaters, but if this is day four or so, that’s a bet I’m not willing to make. Others living in old houses have shared their woeful tales. No, thank you.

Fortunately, The Man is a real mensch. On this Sunday afternoon he took apart the wall and ferreted out the culprit – a mole.

More pictures of The Man’s bravery are below.



  1. God love him! I’m not looking forward to finding what’s behind the kitchen cabinets when I rip them out!

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  2. My advice would be: Don’t. What you don’t know won’t hurt you! LOL.

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