Award Winning Clothes & New Quilt

Posted By on Jan 29, 2012

Dull moments seldom befall us at Crowder House. The last two months have been no exception. Including a brief foray into the holy land, the Man and I have been galavanting a-plenty.

While progress on the house remains in a winter freeze, sewing projects have been many. Pictured to the right is my first truly pieced quilt. I pieced and hand stitched this quilt, using embroidery floss to give it a bit more of a country feel.

The undertaking was for two dear friends, namely Lola2 and her husband, who are expecting their first child. For friends that close, a truly original quilt had to be concocted. I refuse to attest to any high quality, but insist that the thought was definitely there.

Whether it was laziness or something else, this quilt took me nearly three months to complete. It’s the longest quilting project to date.

Concurrently, I was also attempting newer, fancier Regency clothes to wear to a recent ball in Toronto. Much of it without existing patterns, these new outfits were a real challenge for this inexperienced seamstress. You can imagine our surprise when they took the top prize for costumes at this established event.

Here we are to the left, pictured in the new garb.  The Man’s jacket was created by combining two existing patterns, thanks to Mistress Mardi. Using copious amounts of interfacing, the velvet was able to stand up just right. Everything of the new pattern was manageable, except the sleeves, from which Mistress Mardi had to rescue me. His new vest is a more tailored version of attempts past, while his breeches and slippers were crafted by my aforementioned tailoring saviour.

My gown was inspired by a period fashion plate, pictured here to the right. Much like modern runway fashions, these creations are not exactly realistic. In particular, I had difficulty mirroring the right side of the overdress, which wraps under the arm. Nothing seemed to work in reality. Likewise, fabric just doesn’t seem to fall the same way it does in the illustration. I attempted the reproduction in a cotton silk, and trimmed it with braid and ribbon.

Following all of that creation, I’m now out of ideas on what to do next. We brought some fabric back from Jerusalem, but I haven’t a clue as to what it will be come.





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