Preparing for Winter

Posted By on Nov 14, 2011

It was a little frigid around here last winter. Crowder House just seemed to eat up oil and wood. Much of our efforts in the past couple of months have been to prepare for the inevitability of winter – with much delight at how late it has been in arriving. (It’s expected to be a high 15˚C today!)

After having the basement sprayed with foam insulation, the Man turned his efforts to another no-go area – the attic. He discovered that above the kitchen and office, the attic was insulated haphazardly, at best.

While it hasn’t exactly been cold in Spencerville, we have noticed that our house is very warm. Some of our regular visitors, like Lady Lily, have been commenting on how much warmer the floor boards are. And I must admit that the kitchen and office have been far warmer. These rooms are on the north-eastern side of the house, so my hopes aren’t great that they will remain so, but relative to last year, there is already a noticeable difference.

IMG_0203The Man also had some more aesthetically pleasing ideas for insulating the windows. While he insisted on stuffing the two front doors full with pink insulation, he had a better plan for the space in between the windows.

One day he asked how much fabric I had in store and whether I might make long sacks to fit in between the storm and inner windows. His plan was to fill them with pink insulation and stuff them between the windows. This way, instead of the unattractive pink fluff, each window could be coordinated with the curtains hanging in front. It’s a small thing, but it looks much nicer.

Over the course of the summer, the Man had also made some changes to the windows, rendering the storms easier to deal with. Originally, we had fixed four windows to the house, so that we could open them year round if needed.The rest of the windows had to be physically removed to be opened. It was harrowing to watch, I can’t imagine what it was like for the Man to do. Thus, we decided to fix all of the storm windows permanently, with a hinge at the top. The Man added additional clasps on the inside so that the storms could be closed tightly.

And last but not least, before the first frost hit I harvested some of our perennial herbs. In a space constrained house, I have resorted to drying them on a ceiling fan that is never used – in fact, I think it might be broken.

One of my horticultural experiments this year is lavender. We have four plants and if they make it through the summer, I intend to try some more. Eventually, when more space can be cleared, I hope to develop a few intricate herb gardens, with a mix of culinary and other plants.

Along with sewing, I would like to try my hand at making soaps and other concoctions. Ah, dreams!


  1. Oh! Would love to try my hand at making goat’s milk soap -with lavender!

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    • I’ll have the lavender, hopefully.

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      • Lavender’s a classic.

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        • Conor, the Man should be careful, with this sort of refinery you’re displaying, you’ll be the gentleman officer leading the Militia!

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