Domains, Cellars & Readers, Oh My!

Posted By on Oct 24, 2011

We’ve heard from a number of unhappy readers. Our delinquency in posting not only led to your disappointment, but the vanishing of our site! Yes, this very domain was registered under a long forgotten account, and thus lapsed, taking everything down with it. Fortunately, several of you are so dedicated to Crowder House that the issue was resolved swiftly.

If only we could convince you to come out and toil the land, surely we’d have more time for posting, but I digress.

A lot has been happening down in Edwardsburgh, it’s a challenge to pick a starting point. As penance, today I went down into the cellar and took some pictures of our new spray foam insulation.

The basement is my least favourite section of the house, for those not already in the know.  Do let me know how much this gesture has taken off my blogging purgatory.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have had the cellar sprayed and fireproofed.

Everyone we asked about the process raved over the effects. Not a single person who had this done in their house thought it a waste.

Despite such optimistic responses, I admit to skepticism. And honestly, it’s been difficult to judge whether or not the spray foam insulation worked – mainly because we’ve been having such nice weather.

Yesterday, on the other hand, was sunny, but brisk and blustery. After leaving our English Country Dance class, a few of us returned to Crowder House. With the wood stove afire the living room was a sauna. Our friend Lady Lily commented on how warm the wooden floorboards above the basement were. And the Man and I both noted just how much warmer the kitchen and office were, which heretofore had always been colder damper spaces. It was obvious, the spray foam had worked.

While I can’t offer you any scientific proof, I can attest to the fact that the house feels much warmer, and at that too with a much smaller fire. We’ll see what the winter brings us, but at least I’m hopeful.

And seeing as I was down in the cellar anyway, I also took a picture of our dryer vent. Instead of sending the heat outside in the winter, we exhaust it into the cellar. (During the summer, we use an outdoor clothesline.) This change was made after we installed the new washer and dryer in the kitchen.

Every little bit helps when weaning a house off oil.


  1. be careful putting the dryer vent in the basement, there is a lot of moisture and can cause molding.

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    • Thanks, Shane. We don’t use the dryer a lot, especially in the summer when it is very humid around here. We have a clothes line. Even in the winter, when time permits, we try and dry the clothes by the woodstove, as the air is very dry and any bit of humidity helps. There is a special component on the vent for indoor exhausting too.

      I did have to chuckle though at your comment – because while this was coming to the website, the Man’s brother was sending us an email with the exact same caution. Big brothers. 🙂

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