The Great Arbor Massacre of 2011

Posted By on Sep 19, 2011

We’ve ¬†complained before about the number of bugs residing around Crowder House. This isn’t just some City-Folk ranting either. When we first visited Crowder House our heads wouldn’t last five minutes before being heavily swarmed by an assortment of creatures. In fact, spending any more than five minutes outside was far from pleasant.

Since then, we’ve made efforts to cut back the encroaching wilderness. The Man has cleaned out the cedar grove to the front of the house. We’ve both attacked the ivy in several places.

This weekend past, with the help of Stan Linnen, the Man cleared a row of cedars and several Manitoba maples.  Once the brush is cleared (and some unsightly shacks), we hope to have a great view of the sunrise Рnot to mention fewer bugs.

For anyone upset about the loss of trees, while I hate to have any cut, these ones will be keeping us warm. Moreover, as some of them, like the maples, had grown up as weeds, they stood at precarious angles. It simply isn’t safe.

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  1. I think we cleared over 20 trees, some small and some larger ones including one ash tree, generating about 3-4 cords of wood for next winter. There is definitely more sun in the area now.
    The plan is to continue next weekend with chipping the brush into mulch and cleaning another chunk. Husqvarna rules!

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